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What Do You Gain By Getting Regular Car Servicing

Since 2003 the European Legislation allowed private car service centers to provide car servicing during car manufacturer's warranty. This came as a big relief for car owners as well as car service centers. As long as the car service center followed the manufacturer's guidelines in servicing the car the warranty remained valid. There a number of private car service centers that provide car servicing and repair services and are cheaper than manufacturer's authorised service centers.

A recent survey has revealed some rather shocking results. Because of the financial crunch a number of car owners have avoided getting their cars serviced. Owners of cars whose tyres are worn out are avoiding getting the tyres changed. They are perhaps not aware of the fact of the potential danger they face while driving a car with worn out tyres. The only contact a car has with the road surface is the tyres. Tyres are meant to last a certain lifetime. In fact if a tyre develops a crack, goes out of shape or gets the treads cut it becomes extremely dangerous. When we drive the tyres tend to heat up. A worn tyre can burst and this can make you loose control of the car and end up with serious consequences. You know there is something wrong with a tyre once you drive the car. If a wheel is not balanced the steering will vibrate within a certain speed. By inspecting the tyres you can see if the treads are growing uneven. If a car tends to pull to one side, it means the front wheels are not aligned. Ignoring getting this fixed will cause a tyre to erode. How many of us get tyres rotated regularly. Some tyres are single directional tyres and can only be rotated on the side they are fitted on.

Avoiding a car service will not save you any money in the long run. It's totally wrong to think that not getting the car serviced and its oil changed will have no impact on the car. It will definitely have an impact. The dirtier the oil gets it will loose its viscosity. This means the internal parts of the engine are not getting lubricated. The heat inside the engine will increase and ultimately wear down the engine. If the transmission oil is low, the gears are going to stick and may eventually end up requiring extensive work on the gearbox. If the brake fluid is less, this means there can be a very small leak somewhere and neglect will ultimately result in brake failure. If the engine's coolant level is low, the engine will operate at a higher temperature. This can result in the car over heating or blowing the head gasket of the car. Again costly time consuming work will be required just because of neglect on your part. The hundred pounds that you save by not getting your car regularly serviced will cost you hundreds of pounds when it needs extensive repair. If the service history of a car is not updated regularly, you are going to have difficulties in selling it. So don’t try and save money by avoiding regular car service. You are going to be the ultimate loser.

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