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Three Types Of Car Service

Generally there are three types of car service that you can get. One is getting the engine oil changed at regular intervals. To know when to get the oil changed in your car, you will need to consult the car owner guide or ask your car service centre technician. As a general guideline the engine oil should be changed after every ten thousand miles. Now that synthetic oils are also being mixed with mineral oil, the frequency of these checks has decreased.

Always make sure that the engine oil that is put in the car is of the grade that is mentioned in the car's manual. When the car service centre changes the oil, they should as a rule check the other fluid levels also. These checks include the brake fluid level, anti freeze coolant, windscreen wash and power steering fluid. They may also check the battery condition, lights, windscreen wipers, exhaust emissions, tyre tread and pressure.

You should get an interim service done after every six thousand miles or six months. The rule of thumb is that after every six thousand miles your car should get an interim service. In the interim service, the service centre will perform all the work mentioned for the oil change service and can also provide additional services.

They will perform a full check of the brakes, steering system, shock absorbers and suspension systems. For an additional charge, the service centre will also perform a 'green' test. This test is designed to check the car emissions and to reduce the emissions. In this test there is fuel treatment, brake efficiency, lambda sensor check, emission check, and carbon offset checks.

After every twelve thousand miles, or once a year, you must get a full service done on your car. In a full service, all the work mentioned in the oil and interim service is conducted. In addition to this the following work is also done. The wheel alignment test, wheel bearing check, belt check and brake fluid condition is checked. In the case of a diesel vehicle, the fuel filter is replaced. In the case of a petrol engine, the spark plugs may be replaced. In addition, the air filter is replaced and the wheels are balanced.

This is the work that you can expect the service centre to do depending on the type of service that you are getting done. Older cars require more frequent service than new cars. Just in case the service centre does make any replacements, make sure that they conform to the parts, as mentioned by the car manufacturer. Also ensure that the replacement parts will not invalidate the car's warranty. Neglecting getting the car serviced on a regular basis is going to reduce the life span of your car.

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