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Things To Check When Getting Your Car Serviced

If you own a car, then you should know that its proper maintenance is very important. Like a human being needs food and regular checkups by a doctor, a car needs to be maintained and checked periodically by an experienced car mechanic. Some people buy a car just for pleasure and do not give proper attention to its care and maintenance. Due to this, they eventually end up spending a lot of money on the servicing and repair of their car at a later stage. A number of important points that should be kept in mind regarding car servicing are detailed below.

Oil filters, air filters and engine oil are three major things that are checked and likely to be changed when servicing a car. Workshops don't always perform all of the necessary checks, so try to ensure that the mechanic does a thorough job. Following is a quick description of what must be checked during a car service:

Once your mechanic says that the servicing has been completed, remember to check the coolant level. It is not unusual for hurried mechanics forget to check this. Secondly, without the proper amount of coolant or radiator water, your car will heat up a few minutes after starting. This can cause further problems. Therefore, always ensure that coolant or sufficient water is present in your engine.

You should check whether the timing chain requires servicing or not. If you don't, it may a breakdown. If you hear any loud noises from your engine, it is important to get it checked out. The sound could be emanating from any moving part in your motor - that is a lot of moving parts.

You should ensure that the air filter housing has been cleared properly. No dirt should be present in it. It is very important to clean it in order for the air to move freely in and out of the area. Water coolant must be present in the car to prevent the engine from overheating. Most mechanics check the water or coolant levels while servicing, but you should also check it yourself before leaving the workshop.

After a complete service on your car, the mechanic should also check whether the alternator needs replacing. Apart from this, brake oil, gear oil and clutch oil levels should also be checked and/or changed. The cables should also be changed for ensuring a good firing system. All hoses should be checked for leakage. It is very important to change the fuel hose before it gets damaged. Keep all of these points in mind and you can be sure of a safe drive for you and your family.

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