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The Importance Of Regular Car Servicing

Car servicing otherwise known as car maintenance, is a program set by car manufacturers to ensure that proper care of the vehicle is being undertaken. Many procedures are carried out at set dates or mileages after the purchase of a vehicle. Often, car warranties require that servicing is completed as set, or the warranty will be considered null and void.

Many components of your car are looked at during its service. These may include oil & filter changes, replacing the air cleaner and fuel filter and having new spark plugs installed. In addition, all fluids such as brake, ATF, power steering, and antifreeze are checked to make sure they are filled and of the appropriate mix. The timing belt will be checked along with all other belts, and replacements will be made if necessary. Even the tread depth of the tyres is calculated.

After a complete car servicing, you will receive a report of the findings, any repairs that were made (or parts that were replaced), and a list of all, if any, mechanical issues that may be threatening to cause problems and so require immediate attention. These may include issues such as idler pulleys starting to go bad, or even leaking seals such as those around the oil pan.

In addition to your report after your car service, the service book that came with your vehicle will be stamped, signed and dated by the qualified mechanic. This acts as proof in the possible case of having to take your vehicle in for repairs during the warranty period - it demonstrates that you have taken the appropriate care over your car at the stated service intervals.

Some car manufacturers are turning toward computerised systems to keep everything in one place. This makes it simple if you need to know the service dates and procedures completed on your vehicle without having to maintain a service book.

Between service trips for general good car health, ensure that you complete weekly checks on your engine fluids and tyre pressure. Add fluids if necessary. If you should find that you are using large amounts of oil, make sure to schedule a trip to the garage. Having one small repair done early will save you from a larger, more costly, repair later on in time. Damage can quickly spread from one engine component to another.

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