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The Essentials Of Car Servicing

When you buy a new car you tend to be very careful. After the euphoria of buying a new car is over you tend to read the paper work that comes with it. You check out when the first car service is due and you mark it and follow it religiously. After a couple of years you tend to slip up and your car becomes overdue for servicing. You may remember this only after the car breaks down, or you suddenly remember or are reminded about it. The better the car is maintained, the better service it will provide. The first thing that you have to do is to find a car service centre that provides good services. If you are satisfied with your dealer's service centre then you don't have any issues. However if you select another car service centre just make sure that they know how to service your car. It's like selecting a doctor that you are comfortable with.

As a car grows older it requires more care and replacement of parts. The parts that are replaced should be parts that are acceptable under your car warranty. You dot want to invalidate your car warranty because the service centre put in unacceptable parts. Your car is a major investment and the last thing that you want is for something to go wrong with it. Or you have to spend unnecessary money on it. So it's always better to be safe than to be sorry.

The car lubricants must be changed at regular intervals and if the season is changing you might want to get the oil changed even before it is due. You can always check on this with the car mechanic. Filters through which the lubricants are circulated also need to be changed as they get clogged and dirty. The next essential is the fuel flow system. The service requirement of this will depend on the type of engine in the car. The third is the electrical system. These are those essentials that must be serviced at regular intervals.

After a certain mileage other parts of the car require to be serviced. These include an inspection of the steering system, the brakes and the clutch. All these being moving parts that are used heavily while driving are required to be serviced and certain parts warrant replacement. As the car grows older the cam belts require to be replaced. The car's maintenance manual will tell you in detail what all needs to be serviced as the car covers more miles.

Most cars today have air conditioning and they need to be checked and serviced. Also cars now have catalytic converters with the exhaust system and these also may require replacement. A good and accredited service centre will tell you what will need to be changed and when. A good service centre will also call you and remind you when your next car service is due. A car that is three years old requires MOT clearance in the UK. Your car service centre should be able to prepare your car for this test. If you have been following the service schedule you should not be unduly worried when a MOT becomes due. However do get your car checked by a service centre before you take it for MOT. The better you maintain your car, the more years of service it will give you.

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