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Save Time And Money On Your Next Car Service

You would think that in this day and age of technological advancements that somehow we would have more time to do the things we would need to do. It seems though that 24 hours isn’t as long as it used to be! My alarm went at 6am; I jumped into a hot shower, blow-dried my hair, turned on the electric kettle, had an instant coffee, microwaved my oats, kissed the dog and ran out the door to drive to work at 7.30. Oh hang on. I also put on a load to wash in the automatic washer, and turned on the dishwasher. That’ll save time tonight. I’ll get home at five pm, cook the dinner, fold the washing, iron some clothes, watch telly and fall into bed at ten thirty, to start all over again tomorrow.

When do I fit in the car service? I can save time now shopping online, paying my bills, keeping in touch with friends and family. I figured there had to be a way to get the car service booked online as well. That proved to be the case. Thank goodness. A car service is something you can’t put off. If you do neglect the up keep on your vehicle you’ll end up paying much more than you want to in expensive repairs. There is the safety issue as well. A car service checks your brakes and suspension, and will let you know if your tyres are wearing.

A car service centre takes your booking online and arranges your service. Make sure that the call centre you choose ticks the following boxes:

  • Customer service team contacts you to confirm your booking
  • A courtesy driver to pick up and deliver your car from either home or work
  • They monitor the work and contact you if additional work is required
  • National 12 month/12,000m guarantee on all work
  • They use only OE parts
  • Manufacturers warranty not invalidated
  • Free wash and Vac

By using a call centre booking service for your car, not only will you save valuable time but you will save money, sometimes up to 30% of the typical cost of using a franchise/manufacturer’s garage.

National Service Network, the UK’s largest group of centrally controlled independent garages, offers just what you are looking for. They can deal with all aspects of car service, repairs and MOT. Their call centre staff chaperone you throughout the process, from the time you book your car in until you receive your vehicle back. During the service or repair, should any other problems surface, NSN will contact you and only you can authorise any extra work to be carried out. You only pay when the work has been completed, and this is done by credit or debit card to NSN. They in turn pay the garage. This way NSN can make sure that the garages work is kept to a high standard.

Another time saving touch is that your car comes back clean. What a bonus. More time for me on the weekend. Maybe I’ll go shopping.

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