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Preparing Your Car For MOT Testing

In the UK any car, light goods vehicle or motorcycle that is more than 3 years old has to be tested to ensure that the vehicle is road worthy. This test is conducted at authorised test centres. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the vehicle complies with certain laws and meets minimum road safety and environmental standards.

The equipment of a car that is tested is, first of all the lighting equipment. In this the front and rear position lamps, rear registration plate lamps, rear fog lamps. The headlights, stop lights, rear reflectors, turn indicators, hazard warning devices are checked. The aim of the headlights is also checked. The steering system of the car is checked which includes the steering column, steering system and power steering. The suspension system is checked which covers the suspension system in general. The front wheel bearings, front wheel drive shafts (in case of front wheel drive vehicles) are checked. The rear suspensions, rear wheel bearings and the drive shaft in case of a rear wheel drive vehicle are checked. The shock absorbers are checked. The hand brake lever and control valves are checked. The brakes performance, braking mechanism, anti lock braking system, hydraulic, air and vacuum braking systems are checked. The tyres and rims are checked. The seat belts are checked.

The general items that are checked during the MOT test include the wind shield wipers, windshield washers, windshield, and driver's view of the road. The horn, exhaust systems and emissions are checked. The general condition of the vehicle is checked.

Before taking a vehicle for MOT test you must ensure that all this equipment is in working condition and will meet the test standard. To do this you must take your vehicle to a car service centre that will check the car and do all the work required to bring your car up to the standard required to pass the MOT test. There are a number of car servicing centres in the UK who are aware of the MOT requirements and will prepare your vehicle. With the passage of time wear and tear will occur on your car. Therefore to avoid your car failing the test, it is better to go in prepared.

There are car service centres that specialise in servicing cars by brand. If you own a Vauxhall you can find service centres that specialise in servicing Vauxhall cars. Never assume that your car will breeze through the MOT test just because you have had it serviced regularly. It's advisable to get the car checked from a car servicing centre before heading for the MOT test.

After your car has cleared the MOT test you should not get complacent about car servicing. The MOT test does not guarantee that the car cannot develop any problems. In fact the more the car ages, the better care you have to take of it. Never delay a regular car service and get all necessary parts replaced as and when required. A little carelessness can end up costing a lot.

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