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Is Your Car Safe? Points To Check In Car Servicing

Your daily driving may be limited to city driving and this may leave you completely satisfied with your cars performance. What happens when you drive on a country road? You may find defects you didn’t notice before, or you may find the drive very harsh and bumpy. This may be because your cars shock absorbers have become defective. Checking the shock absorbers, as well as the tyres, should be a routine carried out during every car servicing. The wear and tear can also cause hydroplaning which can be disastrous.

In city traffic, you normally drive with dipped headlights, out on an open stretch, you may find that the full beam of the headlamps is not working, or one headlamp is not working. When the colder weather is approaching, the fog lights should also be checked. Cracked wiper blades and an empty wiper wash bottle, means a dirty windshield, which can be quite frustrating in bad weather. Cracked or hardened wiper blades can cause the windscreen to get scratched.

Brakes are one of the most important aspects to take care of when getting your car serviced. At slow speeds a slight pull will not be noticeable, but at high speed, this pull can lead to disastrous results. If the brakes are not properly aligned, the car can fishtail, even while braking at low speeds. Brake shoes can wear quite fast, as their life depends on your driving habits and the type of traffic you drive in. Do get the brakes serviced on a regular basis. Regular checking of the brake fluid level is important as well. If you find the level keeps dropping, that may mean that there is a leak somewhere. Get the brakes serviced and tell the technician of the problem that you are noting.

A clean engine will give you far more years of service than a dirty engine. Here we are not talking about the exterior looks of the engine, but its internal cleanliness. This is achieved by regular oil changes and using the correct engine oil. Again when colder weather is approaching, you must change the oil to lower viscosity oil. The service centre technician will recommend the correct oil to use.

If you use winter tyres, now would be a good time to check them and make sure that they are not worn out, or that the treads have become bare. If you have run flat tyres, you must keep a constant watch on the tyres pressure. Normal tyres also need to be maintained at the correct tyre pressure.

Any defective seat belt should be replaced. Never take a risk on seat belts, as your and your family's safety depends on them.

A good car service centre will check out all these points when you send your car in for its regular servicing. You should also tell them of any defects that you may feel are troubling your car. Your car is a major investment, the better care you take of it, the better service it will give.

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