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How Important Is Getting Car Servicing From The Dealer

All new cars have a manufacturer's warranty which requires that the car be serviced according to the schedule given in the maintenance manual. Car owners think that the car has to be serviced from the dealer that they bought the car from. This is generally something that the dealer has told them. Car owners tend not to read the warranty and just follow the dealer's advice. This works fine as long as you think that the dealer's service facilities are good and they will do a satisfactory job. Where car owners run into a problem is if the dealer cannot provide satisfactory car servicing facilities, and the next main dealer is located at a fair distance. This however is no longer applicable except in the case of special cars. If you have a hybrid car that has to be serviced by a main dealer as other service centres don't have the skills or the parts to service these cars.

For mainstream cars it is not necessary to have it serviced from a main dealer. The monopoly that car dealers had on car servicing is no longer applicable. The car can be serviced from any car service centre, as long as they use the correct oils and parts. When you get your car serviced from a non car dealer service centre. Make sure that they have a VAT number and they stamp your car service history book and the VAT number is stamped. However if something were to go wrong with the car and you needed to take it to a main dealer, they would be less than helpful in fixing the car.

When you buy a brand new car, check out the dealer's service facility. If it does not have a satisfactory car servicing facility, tell the dealer. Ask him to suggest an alternate service centre or the service centre you will be taking the car to. Your other alternative is to buy your car from a dealer whose service centre is satisfactory.

Buying a car is the second biggest investment that most people make in their lives. Therefore some care must be taken when making this investment. The first being choosing the right car and the second is getting it serviced according to the schedule and from a good service centre. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a dealer's service centre, take the trouble of finding a good service centre and go to them.

There are service centres that are reputable and are not dealers' service centres. They have the correct parts for main stream cars and provide car service facilities. You are not bound by any law to use a dealer's service centre unless this is specifically stated in your warranty. Check your car warranty before you take your car for service. Private service centre managers will tell you if they can service the car or not. Some car owners buy an extended car warranty which gives them the freedom to have the car serviced from a service centre of their choice.

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