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Don't Skimp On Your Car Service

Today’s new cars come with an impressive array of safety features as either standard inclusions, or optional extras. You expect to have six airbags and stability control in a new family car. Anti-whiplash front head restraints, run flat tyres and warning lights for low tyre pressure, anti lock brakes with electronic assistance, the list seems endless of the inclusions for comfort and safety that you can have.

What, if like mine, your car is a little older? I don’t have all of these wonderful gadgets and gizmos to help me, to warn me of impending problems. That’s why it is so important to maintain a regular car service schedule. It is too easy to put off having the car service done. No time, too expensive for this month and anyway the car’s running fine. Or is it? I honestly wouldn’t know. During a car service, someone who does know what they are doing will check all the stuff that needs to be looked at. I wouldn’t know where to start looking!

I do have warning lights on the dashboard. I know because I’ve seen them light up. I know it’s not good! I really don’t want to have to replace anything major (like the motor!) if I can help it. I can avoid having a major repair just by not skimping on the car service. During a car service, the engine oil and filter are replaced, the brakes are checked for wear and the brake fluid is checked and topped up. The automatic transmission fluids are checked (if applicable) as is the power steering if needed. What with tyres, battery, exhaust system, spark plugs, suspension, air filters and a host of other checks, most problems can be located before they cause a major breakdown, accident or expensive repair. It may not be the latest model car, but it is a major investment that you need to take good care of, otherwise it can become a millstone around your neck.

The people behind NSN have found a way to make your car service a lot easier to organise as well as less costly. They can arrange servicing on over 16,000 different makes and models of cars. You just book online. They book you into one of their independent garages (they have 1,000) and offer competitive prices that are up to 50% lower than franchise garages. The quotes are up front, and no work i2010-02-23s carried out without the customer’s authorisation. Parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months. NSN will organise your car to be picked up from your home or workplace, and return it to you upon completion of the service or repair. Don’t forget about your MOT. You can have that done as well.

You can skimp on many other things in order to save money, like eating out, getting a takeaway meal, buying clothes at the sales (just because it is on sale) and having to have the latest big screen TV. Skimping on your car service cannot be something you consider. You’ll save in the long run when you aren’t faced with major expensive repairs following a breakdown, or an accident caused by neglected brakes or wheels.

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