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Car Servicing Through National Service Network (NSN)

Cars are very important to us and we need to maintain them properly. For good car maintenance, self servicing is not recommended. You have to get your car serviced by a professional car servicing agency. This is where the National Service Network takes over. As your car grows old, the mileage that you can get out of your car will reduce significantly, and the functioning of the suspension system will start to deteriorate slowly. You need to service your car through a good mechanic. If you do it yourself, you may not set the stiffness of the suspension properly. This will lead to an extremely bumpy ride.

The process of servicing a car through the National Service Network (NSN) is very simple. After you contact the National Service Network to book a service, the customer service team will ask you for a convenient date and will reserve a spot in one of its garages. The call centre will control the costs on behalf of the customer. After this is done, the customer service team will confirm the details by contacting you again. You do not have to drive out to the garage. The service team will send a driver to your place whenever you want them to.

Before you give your car for servicing, you should inspect all components to ascertain whether any component has been damaged. The National Service Network will take care of all problems, but if you have a specific problem in mind, you should relay it to the service team through phone. After the car is taken to the garage, a team of mechanics will inspect the car and make a list of components which need repair or replacement. When the final list is ready, the service team will contact you with this list. You can then choose the components that need repair or replacement. The service team will proceed only after your authorisation. What’s more, the call centre will chaperone the customer through the entire length of the journey.

There is a national twelve month / 12000 mile guarantee on all work that is done through the National Service Network. Damaged parts are replaced by OE parts only. The customer is constantly updated on the status of the service. When the work on your car is over, you will be contacted over phone and you can choose a convenient date and time for delivery. You will be charged only when the work is over. You can pay through a debit card or a credit card. Some car servicing mechanics tamper with the car and the manufacturer may invalidate your warranty. However, when you service your car through the National Service Network, the mechanics ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is not invalidated. Apart from the servicing, free car wash and vac are also offered. You need not worry about your car once you have given it to the National Service Network. Rest assured; your car is in extremely safe hands.

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