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Car Servicing Made Simple

There are many good reasons why car servicing is important. Whether you own a Benz, BMW, or a small hatchback, you ought to make sure you have a regular car service. A well maintained vehicle will also get you a better price when you decide to trade it in. An unreliable and poorly maintained car will only turn prospective buyers away. If you really care about your car then regular car service will keep it running smoothly and efficiently as possible for a long time. Moreover, driving a well maintained car will give you a lot more satisfaction.

Having a regular car service helps to economise on fuel, and keeping CO2 emissions to the minimum. Maintaining a service history will also help. This will help determine its true value and even used car buyers will appreciate a full service history. If you frequent the motorway then it is essential to change the oil regularly to make sure that the engine runs smoothly. Car service stations have various service plans, and regular service will minimise costs drastically. Rather than wait for a breakdown and added expenses such as towing charges, regular car servicing will save you all the trouble. After all, we do have extra expenses in the form of tax, insurance, MOTs, fuel, so any additional expenses would definitely be a burden.

Car manufacturers normally provide a timeline for servicing, which you will find along with the manual and a service book that you ought to keep updated. If you still have a warranty, regular servicing is necessary in order to adhere to the terms and conditions.

If you need to get your car to the garage, you ought not to worry about being hassled with the entire process. Online help is available in the form of centrally controlled garages, where all you need to do is call up customer service support and make a booking at a garage appointed by the call center, close to your residence or office. A driver will pick up your vehicle and drop it at the service station. While the car is being serviced the customer center will keep in constant touch with the garage authorities until the servicing in over.

Repairs and replacements are only made with OE parts, while the agency provides a 12’000 mile guarantee valid for 1 year, on all work carried out on your vehicle. If there is any other urgent repairs that require immediate attention, you will be informed immediately and will not be carried out without your consent. Non-franchised garages are now allowed to service vehicles so there is no issue about violating the manufacturer’s warranty. What’s more is through these agencies you are guaranteed excellent and genuine service. You car will also be delivered back free and in perfect condition after a thorough wash and vacuum too. Payments are made directly to the garage through the agency. All you need to do when you sign up is add your credit card number and then authorise payment once the car is delivered back to you. Sounds great, doesn’t it. Next time you need car servicing, don’t forget to go online or call NSN.

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