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Car Servicing - What Does It Involve?

If we were asked to list down some of our favourite activities, car servicing and its allied activities would rarely feature on the list. In addition to being time consuming, car servicing can also be quite taxing to your finances, if it is not carried out at regular intervals.

The importance of servicing your car cannot be denied. In fact, almost like the age old adage which mentions how a stitch in time can save nine, making sure that your car is being serviced at regular intervals and through an organisation that enjoys a reputation in the locality, you can reduce the overall cost of maintenance of your car and more importantly ensure that the vehicle is in a good condition, always, which in turn can reduce accidents to a large degree.

So exactly what would be considered as the right time to get your car serviced? Most car owners would agree that their vehicles would definitely need to be brought back to shape after running for about an average distance of about 15000 kilometres.

There are several areas that are looked after while your car is sent for servicing. Some of the major aspects include:

  • Water levels

One of the most important things that are generally looked into while your car goes for its routine servicing are the water levels in the tank, which is located in the radiator header of the car. In addition to this are other routine checks that are carried out on the pipes and hoses that connect the water carriers to the different parts of the car’s body. By doing this, the service staff ensures that the hoses are in the proper condition and are neither soft nor leaking.

  • Oil and Air

One of the most common reasons of a car breaking down is that of the oil filter not being changed regularly. The motor of the oil filter is a part of the vehicle that is susceptible to the most negative aspects of the wear and tear that comes naturally as a fall out of the friction with the dust, heat and grime that the car faces on a regular basis. This is also a great opportunity to get the oil levels of the cart checked by experts and also make sure that the quality of the lubricants that you use are really as great as they promise. The air filter of your car is also checked at this time, which can prove to be a wonderful tool for saving fuel consumption for your car.

  • Tyres and Batteries

The tyres of the car are also given a thorough look over during a service. They are checked for the wear and tear, both on a surface level as well as that of the interiors. The batteries of your car too are tested. The cells are also adequately provided with distilled water to make sure that the battery functions at an optimal condition.

There are several online resources that can help you find the perfect servicing centre for your car, making ease and convenience just a mouse click away!

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