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Car Services From NSN - Excellence At Every Stage

Many of us with cars always feel the necessity of going to a one stop shop kind of car service provider, who is not only easy to contact but can deliver a high quality of service consistently. Too often, we have been at the receiving end of local garages, dealer owned service stations and the like where professionalism is at a premium.

The result is that we have begun to abhor the very process of car servicing and tend to procrastinate the inevitable thereby creating more problems for us and the car we own. Thankfully, with the emergence of NSN, these problems have been sorted out as they have brought about a huge paradigm shift in the manner car servicing is undertaken and carried out.

Ever since they set up their first garage, they have been going from strength to strength and have been able to develop a fine network of garages within the UK so that you are never far from one of their garages. The objective behind this initiative is to help customers make contact easily, set up the appointment and get value for money services.

The company received investment funds from strategic investors, which enabled them to start providing all aspects of car servicing such as maintenance, mechanical repair, MOT testing and so on. They have built up a tremendous reputation for themselves in being able to provide high quality car services at rates that are at a 30% discount to the market.

So, how are they able to manage this?

This has got to do with the streamlined processes they have put in place. Right from a centralised call centre number to the final delivery of the vehicle to the customer with the tasks duly completed, there is total visibility and control from trained work staff and supervisors. The call centre monitors every activity and keeps the customer informed about the status of work. They are able to do this thanks to the seamless network of their garages that share information on a real time basis. This is one huge relief for customers who have often been at the receiving end of the apathy shown by local garages on the status of work and the lack of response or incorrect response has often meant that customers have had to shell out more money due to no fault of theirs.

Real time inspection and information sharing ensures that no work is undertaken without the prior approval of the customer leading to strict cost control. Moreover, they use the best of diagnostic equipment that is usually not found at the local garages, which helps their trained personnel to identify any problem and fix it adequately.

For routine servicing, they use only high quality oils and lubricants so that the customers do not face any warranty invalidations from the car manufacturer. If any part has to be replaced, they do so only with parts sourced from OEMs and do not settle for cheaper alternatives.

Both interim and full service packages come with other additional service facilities that are beneficial for customers and indicate the company’s willingness and desire to keep customers satisfied.

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