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Modern cars are amazingly easy to manoeuvre around the road, and this ease of use extends to the required frequency and ease of modern car maintenance. This is partly down to the invention of the MPFI engine, which have also gone a long way to reducing the pollutants expelled with engine exhaust. However, despite these benefits, car owners still find themselves staring at issues that could have been prevented with just a little foresight and effort.

To begin with, many owners fail to read the owner's manual, and therefore miss out on effective preventive maintenance tips. On top of this, it is common for car owners to enlist the help of the amateur mechanic who lives on the street to fix issues that should be seen as symptoms, which only serves to aggravate issues, as many mechanics to not have the necessary expertise or tools to deal with the insides of a modern motor vehicle. These facilities are only available at authorised car service garages mentioned in the manual, and it is imperative that any servicing of the vehicle is only done at these outlets at the milestones detailed.

It is therefore advisable for the owner to keep these milestones in mind, and ensure a visit to the garage when advised, saving time and costs in the long run.

Essentially, car servicing pertains to checking the car meticulously for any part or component that needs repairing or replacing. Typically, the service garage pays close attention to the tyres, brake fluid levels and power steering systems, spark plugs, oil filters, the wheel balancing and the state of the battery.

It's easy to think that this is easy to check yourself, but car service garages have the right diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment to identify these problems with the minimum of fuss and the expertise and experience to carry out the maintenance in the correct, safe manner.

In Detail, Car Garages:

  • Ensure that they use the right grade of engine oil, which usually needs to be changed every five thousand miles. Your car manual will give you the specifics for your vehicle
  • Use the jack to hoist the car up so that the underside can be inspected properly
  • Check the spark plugs, as these require periodic cleaning for efficient performance. They are cleaned using a non-abrasive fine cloth, and the contact points are cleaned with sand paper
  • Clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner
  • To check the suspension and for leaks in the shock absorbers, the car is subjected to a regime bumps and observed as it settles
  • The brake fluid levels are checked and filled as required. The condition of the brake lining unit can be inspected by disengaging the wheel. Faulty units are replaced using automatic machines for ensured precision
  • The distilled water level in the batteries is checked and, if necessary, topped up. Any powdery deposits that have accumulated on the terminals are also cleaned using sterile water
  • The coolant levels, along with the oil and transmission fluid levels, are also checked and topped up to the required mark while maintaining the right consistency.
  • The above steps take care of the major portion of servicing, leaving tasks such as the working of the door hinges and effectiveness of the headlights. The hinges are oiled and, after checking that the seat belts and tyre pressure are correct, the car is ready to hit the road once more.

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