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Car Service – Why Is It Necessary?

Every time we roll out of the driveway, most often we take our car for granted. We expect it to give no trouble starting, deliver the best mileage, and brake in time of an emergency. That’s a lot of effort and none of it can be achieved without car servicing. Instead of getting into an unwanted situation, it is better to get your good old faithful to a car service garage. Routine checks are essential, the frequency of which is based on the age and mileage. You may have spent your hard earned money on your prized possession, so spending on its maintenance will not hurt one bit. In fact, car manufacturers also stress the importance of car servicing and even present a schedule when you buy one. Moreover, insurance companies too love to see well maintained cars, as they are considered low risk, and will save you a lot on premiums in the long run.

A routine car service will keep your vehicle in optimum condition. Safety is of prime importance which is another good reason why you need to service your car. Make sure to use the services of a qualified garage that would make a thorough check from a mechanical aspect, including the engine, fluids, and brakes. A trained mechanic will be able to spot any faults, which could save you in an emergency. It is important to keep a logbook of every servicing done, which is normally provided by the car manufacturer. This will enable you to maintain the details of every car service performed. It will also fetch a better price when you decide to sell it since a buyer is always more confident of a serviced car. A well maintained car will run efficiently and lower the running costs.

Earlier, cars were normally serviced by the main dealer in order to comply with the terms and conditions of warranty. However, car servicing can be done at non-franchised garages without any danger of invalidating the warranty and usually at a greater reduced cost. NSN offer online services and provide access to over a 1000 garages throughout the UK. All you need to do is book online or call up the NSN customer call centre who will assign a garage closest to your home or office. You need not worry, as a driver will pick up your vehicle on your preferred date. They will also follow up on the progress during the service and inform you if any additional repairs need to be carried out, which will be authorised only after your approval. As a customer you pay only for the work that you authorise. All repairs and replacements are guaranteed with OE parts. Some agencies provide a 12’000 mile guarantee on all work with one year validity. Your car will also be delivered back to you free of cost, washed and vacuumed too.

So if you are waiting to get your car serviced for a while, go ahead and make your booking online. It will save you a lot of time, money, effort, and above all, guarantee your safety.

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