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Benefits Of Servicing Your Car Properly

It is obvious that proper maintenance keeps anything in good working conditions. The same goes for our vehicles. Car servicing is essential and getting it done through qualified personnel is even more crucial. This can really extend the life of your vehicle. The whole car servicing experience may be intimidating to some. Often, a bad experience at a fly by night garage can be a dampener, especially if you have been cheated by a mechanic. NSN is a network of over 1000 garages which have been thoroughly audited. All have the latest diagnostic equipment to deal with all makes and models of car.

Since a car is a complex piece of machinery with a whole lot of metal, rubber, plastics, glass, wires, you name it, that are integrated, car servicing is best left to the professionals. This is why manufacturers have always stressed the need for regular car servicing. Newer models require servicing at longer intervals, but that doesn’t mean that it is to be neglected. Smaller jobs like topping up engine oil, adding coolant, and checking the water levels are something you can easily do on your own. However, beyond that car servicing by an authorised mechanic is a must.

Every car comes with a service handbook with detailed service intervals and tasks that need to be completed after a specific number of miles. This will normally include tasks such as changing the air filter, spark plugs, braking system and more. This handbook is also a handy tool for your mechanic so that he is aware of your car’s service history. Major problems like fluid leakages and suspension problems are best identified and taken care of by your mechanic. All vehicles should have a service handbook. Make sure this is updated regularly in order to avoid unnecessary problems later on. It will also come in handy when you need to sell your car.

When it is time for your car to be serviced, prepare a list of items that you feel need attention. You may have noticed something odd while driving, so make sure you let your mechanic know about this. It could be anything from hard steering to rattling noises or power windows not functioning properly. Even though the garage may notice these, it is better to bring it to their attention.

Getting your car to a reputable garage is easy now, thanks to NSN that provides an online car service booking system where you can have your vehicle booked for servicing at a one of their garages in their network. Book online or call up customer service and have them send a driver across to pick up your car on a specified date. The customer service centre will keep in constant touch with the garage and keep you informed of the progress. If any parts are to be replaced then they will inform you accordingly and seek your approval. Only EO parts are used and what’s even better is that you will receive a one year / 12’000 mile guarantee. The car is delivered back to you free of cost and you only make the payment to the agency after you have received possession. This is by far the most convenient way to have your car serviced, so do think about calling in the next time your car needs a check-up.

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