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Basic Things To Know About Car Servicing

If you care for your car, you will always want it to be serviced regularly. In this article, we will look at some basic things that you should keep in mind about car servicing:

  • Frequency - You need to know what the optimal intervals for maintenance of your various car parts are. Some of these may be available in your owner’s manual, however, you can also obtain a lot of information about this from the Internet or service provider. You can also get information online from forums and discussion boards where car enthusiasts actively discuss various car models and what needs to be checked.
  • Go Beyond the Basic Minimum - Always remember that your owner’s manual may just list the minimum levels of service needed and these levels have often been decided upon during operational conditions that may often only be available in the laboratory. The actual road conditions and the way you use your car may necessitate that you need to obtain a service more frequently or check more parts than what is currently being recommended.
  • Select a Reputed Service Provider - This is an absolute must. Your local garage guy may be very friendly with you, but he may not be competent enough to take care of your car properly. Or he may quote you rates that are too steep to accept. Instead go for someone who has a network of garages and will guarantee you prompt and professional service levels.
  • Oil Checks and Transmission - You may be checking your oil and transmission from home. But when you hand over your car for servicing, get these minor things checked by the professional as well. This will help to identify any problems that may have skipped your untrained eye.
  • Tyre Rotation - This is an important and often neglected part of your car service. You need to change your tyres at least after every 8000 kilometers. Don’t try to save money by avoiding this step, although many do, as it can be dangerous not to rotate your tyres. Every time you hand your car over for service, make sure that your tread is checked. You don’t want a smooth tyre with too low a tread.
  • Tyre Pressure - Check your tyre pressure too. This is one aspect that can significantly affect your mileage and hardly costs anything – it takes just 5 minutes to get it verified too.

Before you hand your car over for a service, make sure you know at least the basics of car servicing and what to expect from your service. Do not hesitate to ask questions if your mechanic tries to confuse you with jargon. Clearly understand all the repair work that has been suggested during your service and then agree to go ahead with repairs that may be unavoidable. Also ask for a comprehensive service that checks every aspect of your car from engine to the electrical wires. This will ensure that your car, as a whole, is in top form. After all a problem at any small part of the car can also lead to unexpected problems and affect your riding comfort and your car’s life.

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