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Avoid Expensive Repairs With Car Servicing

Regular car servicing with a reliable garage can help you to avoid costly repairs. A service on your car replaces oil and filters, checks the brakes and suspension and can find faults before they turn into major breakdowns. Some of the most expensive repairs can be averted with a comprehensive car service.

  • The exhaust system needs to be properly checked and maintained; otherwise if a replacement of the catalytic converter is required it will make a huge dent in your wallet. Emissions regulations and the introduction of catalytic converters mean that ECUs (Electronic Control Units) are now more complex. These units are generally sealed and repair can be impossible.
  • The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) contains a “brain”, a master cylinder, wheel sensors and a pump. All of these are susceptible to failure. Your brakes may still be functioning, but if the ABS has failed, your car won’t pass its MOT.
  • Most automatic gearboxes are controlled by complex electronics and as your mileage increases, so does the likelihood of failure. This means that specialist maintenance is important.
  • New cars are fitted with many power accessories these days, even the basic models can have electrically powered windows, door locks and mirrors.
  • Power steering pumps and racks are usually reliable, however without proper maintenance they can fail, and of course they can be very costly.
  • Electronically controlled heaters can be found in prestige cars. These have stepper motors that control air directing flaps, and should one of these motors fail, the whole system will jam. To replace the faulty stepper motor means the removal of the dashboard.

Owning a car can be an expensive business! Of course, you won’t necessarily experience these problems if you make sure that you take every precaution available to you. Your warranty may cover many problems, but only if you maintain the schedule of car servicing recommended by the manufacturer. Why take the risk of nothing going wrong? If your car is out of warranty you can’t risk these major faults occurring because the cost will come out of your hip pocket!

Everyone wants to save money, but you don’t want to invalidate your warranty by having an inferior service performed on your car. The convenience and savings offered by a service like NSN will not affect your warranty. They are a call centre that has a network of garages. You book your car in and they arrange everything for you. They send the booking to a garage near you, send a driver to pick up your car, and return it to you when the work is completed. Only the work you authorise is done, and you get a twelve month/12,000 mile guarantee on all work. Should any problems be detected during the car servicing, an NSN customer service member will contact you to discuss it. If you don’t want the work done, you say no. You are in control at all times, so there are no nasty surprises when the bill arrives at the end of the day. Protect your investment and avoid expensive repairs with regular car servicing.

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