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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Car Servicing

All I know about car servicing could fit on to the back of a postage stamp! Seriously. That’s why I choose to use a garage to do the servicing. I do know that having regularly scheduled services is most important if I want to prolong the life of my car and avoid really expensive repairs.

When I bought my first car back in 1979, I thought that all you had to do was put in petrol when the gauge pointed to empty. I quickly learned NOT to wait until it actually read empty. This was pre-mobile phones! First find a public phone that works…

I knew the car had to have a service (it was in the manual) and so I took it along to the garage. They could have rubbed their hands in glee: a woman with absolutely no idea about cars. They could have told me I needed a new gear box and I’d have believed them unconditionally. Luckily the man took pity on me and I didn’t get taken advantage of. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about being quoted at unscrupulous garages for very expensive work that wasn’t necessary.

So, how to avoid the pitfalls and get your car servicing done by someone who will do the necessary work and not take you to the cleaners? I’ve come across a network of independent garages that guarantee to do just that.

National Service Network is as their name suggests a national network of independent garages who deal with car serving, repairs and MOT. They have 1,000 garages in their network, and they take the pressure of dealing with a garage out of your hands. It couldn’t be easier. You either call them or book online to have your car serviced.

After you’ve booked your car in, their call centre acts on your behalf. They will discuss what you need to have done, give you an estimate and then locate a garage that will collect your car if required, do the work and then return your car to you! The best part is, you don’t have to do anything. You only pay for the work that you have authorised. Oh, and your car is returned washed and vacuumed.

All of the work has a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee and NSN garages use OE (Original Equipment) standard parts and high quality oils. This means your manufacturer’s warranty will not be invalidated. They use the latest equipment and technology.

If any other work is required, the garage does not carry it out without you being contacted by the call centre. If you don’t authorise the work to be done, it isn’t done. So there are no nasty surprises when you get your credit card bill! Your credit card is only debited for the work you authorise. NSN can organise car servicing for most makes and models. If your car cannot be serviced they will inform you in the first instant before they take your booking.

Now all I need to know about car servicing is to contact NSN. Book me in for my next car servicing!

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