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5 Ways In Which Regular Car Servicing Can Save You Money

Looking for ways in which you can get your car to go that extra mile for you? Well, regular servicing and maintenance could be the answer you are looking for. Here are 5 ways in which regular maintenance of your car would actually save you money in the long run.

  • Less Costly Repairs: Regular maintenance of your car will make sure that all your car parts are in top condition. This will prevent more costly repairs in the future, thus saving you a lot of money. Prevention is better than a cure and even simple steps like changing your oil regularly and checking your radiator for problems can help correct small things that may be wrong, which if not corrected immediately can cause havoc in future.
  • More Mileage: Your car is designed to work optimallyM in certain conditions and keeping your car tuned up will get the best out of it. Just like your productivity is at a peak level when you are healthy, your car’s mileage will also be optimal when you have done the scheduled maintenance on time. Thus if you use your car regularly, the savings in fuel costs can be quite significant.
  • Less Accident Related Expenses: Regular maintenance of your car is necessary for its safety. Checking your tyres and ensuring the right air pressure in the tyres can help prevent costly accidents. Skipping your car servicing may save you a few dollars today, but potential problems can go unnoticed, which can lead to accidents and a lot of expenses. Remember that not all repairs after an accident would be covered by your insurance. Not only that, an accident can cause your insurance premium to shoot up drastically meaning that this will lead to a higher monthly outflow of money.
  • Higher Resale Value: If you are planning to sell your car at a later point in time, make sure that you do all the servicing as prescribed in the owner’s manual of your car. A car with proper maintenance and service records is more likely to fetch a higher resale value, other things remaining equal. This is because, if your car has been maintained properly then it will be in a better condition and will offer more value for the buyer and less repairs in the future.
  • Longer Life for Your Car: Finally regular maintenance will make sure that your car remains functional for a longer time, thereby postponing the need for a new car. This will save you the money needed for a down payment on your new car.

Remember these tips and make sure that your car is serviced regularly. Also, get a provider who will keep your best interests in mind, so that you don’t get robbed in the name of car servicing. Do not agree to an ‘overall servicing’. Ask for a numbered list of things that will be done, so that you know exactly what has been checked and corrected. It is also important to use a company that will keep you informed before they complete any repairs. This is important to ensure that you get value for money from your car service provider.

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